Workshop for professional dancers

with Thomas Hauert (BE / CH)



During the Tanzfestival Winterthur Thomas Hauert will give a workshop for professional dancers.

We offer 10 scholarships for this three day long workshop.


In the workshop, Thomas Hauert aims to open up movement vocabulary and composition methods to propose an unprecedented choreographic language. Improvisation plays a key role in his teaching method. In a progressive series of improvisational tasks, participants create forms, rhythms, movement qualities, and trajectories far more sophisticated than those our conscious minds could invent. Participants are distracted from their usual trajectories, patterns are distorted or suspended.

About Thomas Hauert:

@Dominique Libert

After training at the academy in Rotterdam, the Swiss dancer and choreographer Thomas Hauert moved to Brussels in 1991 to work in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s company Rosas. He then collaborated with Gonnie Heggen, David Zambrano and Pierre Droulers. After the creation of the solo Hobokendans (1997), he founded his company ZOO through which he initiated Cows in Space (1998), a piece for five dancers which was consequently awarded two prizes at the Rencontres chorégraphiques of Seine-Saint-Denis. Since then, Thomas Hauert has created around 20 performances with ZOO.

The work of Thomas Hauert and ZOO first develops from research on movement, with a particular interest in improvisation-based processes exploring the tension between freedom and constraint, individuals and the group, order and disorder, form and formlessness. Over the years the structure of the company has remained very stable, with several of the original dancers still currently involved. This longevity affords a depth to the choreographer’s research that one rarely encounters in the field of contemporary dance today.

Thomas Hauert is widely recognized for his original contributions to choreography. From Paris to Seoul, from Helsinki to Rio, his performances have been staged in over 200 different venues in 29 countries. Moreover, in recognition of his work, the company has been awarded several prizes.

The relation with music, from pop to contemporary and from jazz to baroque, plays a major part in Thomas Hauert’s work.

Complimenting his performance work, Hauert has developed an internationally recognized teaching method. As a teacher, he has an ongoing collaboration with the P.A.R.T.S. academy in Brussels and regularly gives workshops worldwide. In 2013 Hauert has also been appointed artistic director of the new bachelor degree in contemporary dance opened within the theatre academy La Manufacture the Lausanne (Switzerland’s first dance school at university level).

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MON      21.11.2022 / 11:00-16:30
TUE        22.11.2022 / 11:00-16:30
WED      23.11.2022 / 09:00-15:00



TOaG / Tanzort am Gleis
Untere Vogelsangstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur

2nd Floor


Thomas Hauert will perform his newest creation Efeu (Quatuor) on Sunday before the Workshop. On Tuesday evening Piergiorgio Milano performs White Out and on Wednesday SAPA will present Thomas Hauert’s work in the movie theatre Cameo. Participants of the workshop are invited to visit those performances. 

Participants without scholarship:

CHF 180.-
The fee includes: workshop fee / dinner / free ticket to the festival during the workshop

Apply until the 6th of November 2022 by sending us a short e-mail to:


Application for scholarship:

No longer possible!

The scholarship includes:

  • fee for the workshop
  • accommodation
  • dinner at the festival
  • free ticket to the festival during the workshop

Criteria: The workshop is for professional dancers who are active in Switzerland.

Please send us:

  • Letter of motivation (Max. 1 A4 page)
  • CV (Max. 2 A4 pages)
  • All documents in English

Application until the 1st of October 2022 to: